Best Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Software in 2019

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The purpose of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software was to control the monthly expenses of fixed phone lines. But it has grown with the advancement in telecommunication technology, and today it can perform several tasks such as expense management for wireless telecom, usage management, bill payment, invoice management, sourcing, and inventory management and change control. Today it controls the management of wireless, voice, and data services to reduce the risk and cost for telecom. Here are some of the best TEM software in the market for personal as well as corporate use.


TemNet is a TEM solution which can cover all your communication cycles and manage the processes from contract evaluation and negotiation to bill auditing and invoice management. TemNet is a web based dashboard that offers business insights into all their management processes.


MobilityCentral can help in reducing the cost of your wireless communication for your organization. They can manage your wireless program at low cost while optimizing, auditing, and fulfilling the services to deliver the results you are looking for at a low cost. Their years of experience in telecom expense management makes them the experts in the field to make sure that you get the right service.

Genuity IT Admin Suite

One of the best new IT telecom management service for your telecom expenses which can be oprated from cloud. It can manage all your IT profile and cost as less as two times meal. Everything is readily available over the internet so that you can access the information quickly.

Sierra Gold

Sierra Gold provides complete telecommunication expenses with Sierra Gold by SAI. Sierra Gold also manages your entire account, including optimizing your telecom voice, data, and wireless usage. Siera claims to save 10-20% of your monthly expenses. It is one solution for all telecom needs for an organization.

Total Telecom Management

Comview is a telecom expense management (TEM) solution, which includes call accounting and wireless mobility management (WMM) solutions to small scale and middle scale businesses. TTM also provides total control over the management at effect cost. It encompasses invoice management, wireless management, audit, and optimization.


WinBill by Telemanagement Technologies is a TEM solution service provider which runs easily accessible centralized database of information. WinBill provides businesses with an accurate inventory of all vendors, expenses, and IT services. The core features include real-time call collection, socket, network design, and protection from toll fraud.


vManager by vCom solutions is an award winner in its field. It is a cloud based platform which provides communication management from keeping track of it in all kinds of inventory and carriers to interactive graphics and statistics to provide the monthy expenditure of the company and its thorough analysis, including the tipe, location, and the carrier networks. It helps the businesses to make smarter decisions by analyzing whether they need more investments in the software or not.

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